Will Witt’s Wisdom

When it comes to changing minds, you have to be very careful. If you push too hard, you’ll end up alienating the person you’re talking to even further. If you don’t push hard enough, the person you’re speaking with won’t learn anything. .. You have to find the perfect middle ground between debating and questioning that gives you enough ammunition to give them the correct information while asking [the person] questions that are thought-provoking and challenge the person’s previously held views. .. The key principle to remember when it comes to changing minds is that YOU are NOT the person to change their mind. THEY change their OWN mind by how you ask them to support their own information…

If you tell them a fact … and tell them that you are right, they are put in a defensive position where their mind is closed to being changed and can only think about how to refute you. Asking questions that lead them into expressing their own ideas is how you change minds, not by just blankly telling them the information…

It takes a lot of practice… Don’t be upset if you’re not a mind-changing wizard the first time you try… You have to have the facts and the right questions.



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